Strategic Issues

Strategic Issues

Our strategic issues for 2016-2021:

  1. Improving human resource competence through Knowledge Management learning, Performance Assessment and Leadership Training on a regular basis for the implementation of leadership regeneration at all levels.

  2. Improving the accountability and quality of Primary Health Care programs using IT-based organizational management systems (financial, human resources, secretariat, PME, business, logistics) based on Core Humanitarian Standard values.

  3. Increase revenue through business units, independent businesses and asset utilization that contribute to the sustainability of the organization.

  4. Strengthening the branding of the Hospital Without Walls in primary health care programs that highlight inclusiveness, holistic, innovative, and learning through mastery and use of applied technology and IT that supports accountability and sustainability of the institution. This strategic issue is also related to a community based approach that involves the community including vulnerable groups (women, pregnant women, PLWHA, the elderly, people with disabilities and certain health conditions) in decision making, raising community initiatives and social support in the health sector.

  5. Improving the quality and quantity of partnerships both internally and externally, including strategic partnerships with churches.