Our Team


Sri Bayu Sela Adji, S.Psi., MPD
"Pray and work;"


Henny Pesik
Area Manager Malacca Timor, NTT
"Never stop dreaming, because maybe someday your dreams will come true."
Dewi Utari, S.I.P., M.Sc
Head of General Services Division
"God didn't sleep"
Wahyu Priyo Saptono, S.Pd.,MPD
Head of Finance Division
"Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet consectutor"
Eko Rusmiyati, S.Psi
Head of Social Entrepreneurship Division
"Life is a collection of beliefs and struggles"
Sukendri Siswanto, S.Pd.,M.Kes
Head of Primary Health Care Division
"Success is walking from failure to failure with no loss of enthusiasm"
    Yosafat Ician, ST
    Belu Area Manager, NTT
    "Empty your grip if you want to hold something"
      Astantri T.A. Djama
      Area Manager of East Sumba, NTT
      "Failure is delayed success"
        Wisnugroho, S.Sos
        Area Manager Alor, NTT
        "An action is the basis of success"
          Panduarti Prissabat,S.E.
          Yogyakarta City Area Manager
          "Hold the world before the world holds you"


            PKP Division Staff, Project Manager
            "Life is a process"
              Y. Dian Sarimastuti
              Project Admin & Secretary
              "Towards infinity and beyond"
                Marta Insanti, S.Akt.,M.Ec.Dev
                PKP Division Staff, Project Manager
                "Dare your dream"
                  Bambang Widjoyanto
                  Admin & Logistics Staff
                  "It's better to work together than to work alone"
                    Kris Setyo Utomo, SE
                    Finance Division Staff
                    "be grateful for everything"
                      Deni Widiyatwati, SE
                      Finance Division Staff
                      "Face it with a smile"
                        Yuliana Sumarminingsih,A.Md
                        HRD staff
                        "Learning does not recognize time and age."
                          Heri Ahmadi, S.Sn
                          Staff of the Social Entrepreneurship Division
                          "Continue to Work with Excitement"