Welcome To CD Bethesda's Website

Greetings from CD Bethesda Yakkum!

Starting 2016, CD Bethesda has changed the perfomance of its website, since it was launched on 2008-2009. Through this "new face" of official website, as director of CD Bethesda welcome all visitors.

As we know, Community Development (CD) Bethesda is a non-profit organization concerning on community development works related to health issues. Our service areas are spread throughout Indonesia during these moreless 40 years, from Aceh to Papua, indeed also in Democratic Republic of Timor Leste (RDTL). Our services for very remote places, on small islands and vulnerable communities are our commitments to create equality on health services. The modernity lives and technology – progressed knowledge usage, altogether economy development in urban areas and for middle life communities, in fact never affected significantly to better conditions for people living on remote zones, such as Alor, Sumba, Pantar, Timor, etc. It also happened for poor semi-urban communities in Java and Lombok. Affordable health access, food security, safe clean water and sanitation facilities, etc are still far from their abilities to achieve.

As non-profit institution, CD Bethesda carries on humanitarianism, non-sectarian, and non-partisant values. We also respect universal humanity values. Therefore, the main principles we still keep on hands are continuing to work together with communities and stakeholders, to empower them and their resources, and assessing their potencies. At the end, they could use their capacities to solve problems, and are able to fulfill their needs with positive values and principles. The state is also encouraged to be involved on fulfilling rights of communities.   

By principle of community development and empowerment, CD Bethesda places communities as subjects of change, source of change, and change movement actors, through cadres, local facilitators, as pioneers for their communities. We build good synergies working together with stakeholders at kampung, village, sub-district, district and national level. We educate each other and develop each other.

In 2016, we welcome new director of CD Bethesda, Mr. Sri Bayu Sela Adji. In the same time we thank to Mrs. Paula Hartyastuti who brought CD Bethesda in the good progress. The change of leadership is needed as good regeneration in NGO, including CD Bethesda. 

I wish visitor feel enjoy reading our website. We also hope to have constructive interaction with you. Please feel free to give suggentions, inputs, and ideas for us, in order to contribute on building equality for our served communities. Thank you!


Best Regards

Sri Bayu Sela Adji