Vision & Mission


The basic right of vulnerable and marginal communities are fulfilled and be self-reliance communities through qualified service by optimizing the social support system of local asset-based in synergy and growing in frame of sustainable development purpose.


  1. To empower rural and vulnerable communities in order to create social support system on fulfilling basic rights for vulnerable groups (in particular women, children and clients of transmitted diseases), long-lasting and integrated in the frame of sustainable development.
  2. To be an independent and lead institution on transformational development issues


CD Bethesda refers to the basic values of YAKKUM, (1) Christian Character, (2) Business by Christian Ethic, (3) Unity through harmony, (4) developing of qualified service, and (5)  work in learning culture. However, in carrying out the vision and mission that arranged in the strategic planning, CD Bethesda also holds the values and main current: Appreciate the Humanity, have Perspective in Justice of Gender, Taking sides with the Vulnerable, Insightful of Environment, Traditional Treatment and Sustainable.