Primary Health Care Program


Primary Health Care is main mandate of CD Bethesda Hospital Yogyakarta. It means that health care is not only delivered by inside of walls of hospitals (which is more costly in many cases), but also could be accessed by remote communities outside of hospitals’ walls. This principle is due to Alma Ata Declaration that was dreaming that every human in this world has rights to live as healthy person, both physically and mentally.

The ultimate goal of primary health care is better health for all. WHO has identified five key elements to achieving that goal:

  • reducing exclusion and social disparities in health (universal coverage reforms);
  • organizing health services around people's needs and expectations (service delivery reforms);
  • integrating health into all sectors (public policy reforms);
  • pursuing collaborative models of policy dialogue (leadership reforms); and
  • increasing stakeholder participation.

To fulfill those objectives, CD Bethesda works for some health issues as bellow:

  1. Communicable Disease Care program ( TB, Malaria, HIV AIDS, STD, and Leprosy)
  2. Maternal and Children Care
  3. Sexual and Reproductive Health
  4. Environment Health, Sanitation, Behavioral Change, and Safe Clean Water
  5. Traditional Medicines Development that is environment friendly and safe
  6. Advocacy works for Health Rights
  7. Food Security Development

Through community-based and asset-based approach, CD Bethesda carries out promotion, prevention, and curative works altogether with government, cadres, and existing people organizations. At the end, community itself can address their health problems and issues using their capacities, potencies, and assets.