CD Bethesda is non-profit institution concerns about health service and support the marginalized community, especially in rural. As structural organizational CD Bethesda is one of Bethesda Hospital independent unit, and under coordination with Yakkum (Yayasan Kristen untuk kesehatan Umum – Christian Foundation for Public Health) as one of biggest health service foundation in Indonesia.

CD Bethesda was born on 1974, wherein its birth was result of YAKKUM Work Planning Meeting, that each units of YAKKUM should spread their services more comprehensive through Community Development effort, to serve the community who could not access public health service yet. CD Bethesda begun to do its first activity by building Village Development Centre in Taman Martani Village Yogyakarta and conducted agriculture training program named “Rural Youth Leadership Training Programs”. The famous program was plague caused by plant-hopper eradication in District of Kalasan Sleman Yogyakarta. 

Since 1979, CD Bethesda begun to determine it’s strategic step as primary and holistic health service institution, to support prosperous community building, health, and being self-reliance. It appeared as result of CD Bethesda’s reflection at that moment, and inspired by Alma Ata Declaration, stated about Primary Health Care by WHO-Unicef on 1978 and awareness of important of holistic health care. We aware that  “The service effort of CD Bethesda was not holistic service, therefore it had been changed and should be integrated with hospital service” ( the testimony of drg. Paulus, on “ Rumah Sakit Tanpa Dinding”, p.8). Since then CD Bethesda carries out mandate of “Hospital without Walls”, in placing strategy as primary and holistic health care institution until now.

In the begin of establishment until 1986, CD Bethesda was coordinated by drg. Paulus H. Santosa, then dr. Guno Samekto with the operational coordinator was Drs. Widodo HS (1986 to 1991), Sigit Wijayanta,SH,M.Kes,Ph.D (1991-2001), Drs. Andreas Subiyono (2001-2004), dr. Sugiyanto, Sp.S, M.Kes, Ph.D (2004 – 2005), Paula Hartyastuti, S.S.,M.Si (2005-2016), and Sri Bayu Sela Adji, S.Psi.,MPD (2016 - ...)