CD Bethesda's Clinic (Acupuncture, Acupressure, Reflexi, Kinesio, Herbal)

Since established on 1981, CD Bethesda’s Clinic is still active to promote and deliver traditional medication service, including acupuncture and acupressure (traditional massage) for public. Now our clinic also delivers natural herbal medication which is safe for clients. Besides we open traditional medication recognized by Health Department, CD Bethesda’s clinic also develops training and education related to safe traditional treatment for common people and health professionals who are interested to practice acupuncture, acupressure, and herbal medicines.

About Acupuncture Treatment

Acupuncture treatment is a method of stimulation treatment using needle on certain spots of client’s body that are not on fit. The aim of this method is influencing or healing a mistake on bio-energy flow on our bodies. Acupuncture medication will return the balanced vital energies (homeostasis) and improve antibody creation on client’s body. Therefore, illness could be addressed.

The benefits of Acupuncture

Generally acupuncture could be utilized to heal various illnesses, both as single therapy and could be done together with other therapy. Acupuncture is also good for medical esthetic, to refresh and return the vitality of body. Below is few samples of case that used to be treated with acupuncture therapy:

  • painful disorders : headaches , shoulder , stomach , knees, ankles , joints , etc.
  • Other condition that requires treatment for example: addiction on smoking , increased stamina , decreased glucose levels , obesity , etc .
  • Nerve disorders: facial paralysis ( bell - palsy ) due to the wind , paralysis of limbs due to post - stroke , tingling , etc.
  • Other condition that requires treatment for example: addiction on smoking , increased stamina , decreased glucose levels , obesity , etc

Acupuncture could be accessed for esthetical and body maintenance, such as:

  • weight loss or to gain weight
  • Tighten and remove wrinkles on the face
  • Eliminate circles under the eyes due to fatigue
  • Spots on face
  • Address hair fall, etc

About Acupressure Therapy

It is more known as traditional massage. Acupressure therapy is a method to recover our health using fingers pressing on spots of parts of body. Not only utilize fingers, therapist can use other tools to help, both electronic and non-electronic tools, after the stuffs are tested whether they are appropriate with principles of acupressure or not. This should be done to avoid negative effect of using tools on acupressure therapy.

The benefits of Acupressure

  1. As preventive. When acupressure therapy is practiced as routine on certain time due to its principle, i.e. before we are getting sick, it could prevent the coming of illness factors and to maintain our health condition.
  2. Body Recovery. Acupressure is used to heal our bodies from various illness and could be practiced when we are on sickness.
  3. As rehabilitation phase, after recovery to improve health condition.
  4. As promotive therapy, to increase stamina even when we are on unfit.  

Herbal Therapy

Herbal therapy could heal all illness with minimal side effect if we compare it with chemical treatment, because the herbal medicines are composed using natural leaves, roots, etc. The benefits are:

  1. could be accessed by spending less money, because it is cheap and affordable since the ingredients are plants that are easy to be found and utilized. (leaves, roots, fruits, etc)
  2. the side effect is less than consuming chemical medicines,
  3. easy to be learned when patients and families want to make it by themselves.

The schedule of Clinic Service:

Clinic is open on work day on Monday – Saturday: on 08.00 am -17.00 pm (on Western part of Indonesia time)

(except for national holidays)