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CD Bethesda Fair Trade

“ Crafting for Better Life “

CD Craft Bethesda is the handy crafts program of CD Bethesda which was established in 1982 under the auspices of Oxfam UK to improve the livelihoods of handicraft producers and also to provide an alternative source of income for the marginalized communities in indonesia through alternative TRADING or fair trade.

Vision : An economically self - reliant community of artisans who respect and take pride in their identity and local wisdom.

Mission : To assist artisants build their identity and local wisdom and gain economic  self-reliance through alternative trading.


Programs for artisans

1. Financial aid : CD Craft provides modest financial assistance to artisans to help them start or improve their handycraft business.

2. Education : CD Craft conducts trainings workshops or seminars on relevant issues and topics such as fair trade, Business development, business planning management, marketing and communication.

3. Product Development:  CD Craft seeks to continuously improve the product development capacity of producers through activities such as workshops on product development , visits to trade exhibits and learning tours.

4. Increasing Market Acces : We assist artisans in creating marketing material like catalogues, leaflets, price lists and in attending trade exhibits to promote their products. We also facilitate market testing for their products by looking for shops or galleries willing to sell their products. We provide relevant market information which can help them improve the marketability of their products and open additional market opportunities for them.

CD Craft Bethesda aims to improve the socio economic condition of disadvantaged handy craft producers by presenting and opening opportunities for them to create, improve and market their products. We work under principles of fair trade ensuring fair price to the producer, equitable commercial terms, transparency, equal opportunities for both men and women, humane working conditions and environmental sustainability.

Our producer partners consist of talended local artisans who live within the vicinityof Yogyakarta.

We strive to continuously provide them additional education and trainings to further build their capabilities for a more sustainable livelihood.

CD Craft Bethesda offers a variety of quality products artfully handcrafted from wood, ceramics, silver, iron, stone, bamboo, water hyacinth and other plants fibers. Our products range from the “ traditional decorative “ to the “ functionally trendy “. We work closely with our producers to ensure best quality and design. We accept custom orders as well as request for specific product sizes, colors or shape variations of existing products.