Capacity Building


One aspect of poverty roots is lack of knowledge on good quality of health. The communities have no knowledge or do not understand, then they still live in never ending poverty. The factors are the absence of health officers, stakeholder on offering information and knowledge in health, and these are influencing the low quality condition of public health.

Therefore, the capacity building to enhance skills, knowledge and competencies of village promotor health whom we called village health cadres and officers must be important thing to be carried out. Not only for village cadres and officers, capacity building in form of trainings are provided for stakeholder at all levels. Why? Because they take important rule as regulator and promotor for primary health services issue.

The issues of capacity building we offer are: 

  1. traditional medication : acupuncture, acupressure, and herbal
  2. community led total sanitation including behavior changes and drinking water management,
  3. health advocacy
  4. climate changes issue, including organic farming
  5. reproductive and sexual health, including: maternal and childre care, sexual transmitted infection, and HIV AIDS
  6. neglected transmitted illness issues, including TB, Malaria, Filariasis, and Leprosy
  7. organizing and empowerment of community issues
  8. program development and management for People Organizations and cadre team