Advocacy Works for Health

The advocacy works of CD Bethesda are struggling efforts that place advocacy terminology in form of scientific way, means it will work as methods on carrying out empowerment programs. Therefore, within community development perspective, advocacy works do not mean setting people powers vis a vis state or to corporations. Nowadays, advocacy works encourage people to have synergic with all related stakeholders for asking and fulfilling their rights. The stakeholder who provides people interest side-regulation, budget, planning, and real takes rule as implementer of people-needs program.

For CD Bethesda, advocacy works have position as inline with other methods and strategy in carrying out community development programs such as empowerment of people organizations, supporting, assistance and other participative strategies. The real works of advocacy in CD Bethesda done as basic right fulfillment, on all issues: water and sanitation, sexual and reproductive health, maternal and children health, local food security, and traditional medication promotions. The participative methods we have applicated on actively advocacy works, both through formal regulation as Indonesia regulation and law, through the power of village cadres who strive their rights as avant garde of health works, kecamatan, and kabupaten level. The result of various advocacy works are that community needs could be accommodated on RPJMDes, RPJM at kabupaten, and other regulations. The substantial of successful advocacy are this point: the basic rights of people are understood and fulfilled by stakeholders in form policies, planning, budget, and implementation that can be continued by monitoring and evaluation altogether with people participation.